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Literacy and Numeracy Catch Up Premium


The literacy and numeracy catch-up premium gives state-funded schools, including special schools and alternative provision settings, additional funding to support Year 7 pupils who did not achieve the expected standard in reading or mathematics at the end of Key Stage 2 (i.e. Achieved a scaled score of under 100 in GPVS, Reading or Maths).

As a matter of policy, the school aims to address any underachievement by ensuring high quality “first wave” teaching in all lessons and the generality of the school budget is deployed to maximise this. However, we recognise that in addition to this, some students require additionally differentiated intervention to support them to make sound progress in the curriculum and school leaders deploy additional income such as the catch-up premium to subsidise this.

Please view our catch up Premium Report 2019/20:

Linslade school – Y7 Catch-up funding statement 2019 - 2020

1. Summary information

Objectives of Y7 Catch up funding

·        To narrow the gap by providing intensive literacy (reading) and numeracy support and raise the attainment of those students entitled to the Catch up Premium

·        To enhance existing provision.

·        To identify concerns and target intervention and support to accelerate progress.

·        To intervene quickly if any chosen strategy or intervention fails to show impact.

2. Funding allocation 2019-20


Linslade school

Academic Year


Total catch-up funding

£ 14,851.00

Member of staff responsible for CUF


Total number of pupils


Number of pupils eligible for CUF 62

Maths 50

English 43

Date for next internal review of this strategy

Sep 2020

3. Expenditure plan 2019-20


Desired outcome and success criteria


Maths - TAs employed to run small group intervention sessions for pupils who did not make Age Related Expectations (ARE). Key individuals that will receive additional maths time during their normal timetable missing a range of tutor times on a 1 week cycle. Assessment of impact will be done using the KS3 data capture points and internal maths data tracking.

Teacher time was also used for targeted intervention, SLE overseeing and delivering.

2 SLEs were employed to teach across Key Stages

Resources: Maths Watch, My Maths and SLE resource bank CGP Resources


To evaluate progress made and identify any further areas for development. Accelerate progress of all identified pupils – pupils meet the expected standard


English – TA employed to run small group/1:1 intervention for any pupils who achieved


To evaluate progress made and identify any further areas for development. Accelerate progress of all identified pupils – pupils meet the expected standard


SAS of 94-99. Any pupil who achieved below 94 will receive catch-up sessions with the


PP Mentor. SLE employed to support and run an intervention programme.


Resources: Two copies of CGP books for each of the English Catch pupils at a cost of

£1.85 per book.



Total £



4. Expenditure plan 2018-19

Funding allocation for 2018-19 £14,850.00


TA employed to run the Catch-up programme both maths and English. Sessions are held in small group sessions and through specialised support within lessons (Maths). A different approach to Maths is being utilised this year with our HTLA offering specialised support in Maths lessons with an adjusted curriculum to enable our pupils to catch up efficiently. The facilitator works closely with the subject leaders for English and Maths to design the programme and deliver the key skills required.

5. Impact of 2018-19 plan


26 pupils targeted for intervention reached age related expectations.


 Out of 43 pupils 20 reached ARE at the end of Year 7, one reached higher standard.